Thursday, November 17, 2011

HUGE Collective Haul!!!!!

Hey Hey Hey guys!!!!! So I went a lil crazy these past couple of weeks lol and did alotttttttttttt of haulage!!!! But I found so really great things that I am absolutely loving right now. My main goal for this haul was to kind of branch out and find some new products and new brands....basically broaden my makeup horizons! And let me tell you...the makeup world outside of Sephora and MAC is AMAZING!!!! Hope you enjoy everything and if there are any things shown here that you would like to see me try out in a video/tutorial just leave a good ol comment and I will make sure that I get to it. Watch out for reviews on some of these products to come soon!!! and now lets get to the swatchfest lol....


                             Lt to Rt: Shimmermint Mineralized e/s, Winterized Mineralized e/s

                Lt to RT: Winterized (dry), Shimmermint (dry), Winterized (wet), Shimmermint (wet)

Lt to Rt: Mellowarm (f), Fabby (f), Impassioned (A), Syrup (L), Russian Red (M), Join the Party          

                         Lt to Rt: Golden Flurry (L), Soft Brown (M), Omega (M), Carbon (M)
                                                    Top: Blush- Seasonal Appeal (M)
                                 Lt to Rt: 266SE (angle), 275SE(angle shader), 129SE(Fluff)

            Lt to Rt: Kitten, Kalideoscope, Apricot, Grapefruit, Fantasy, Starfruit, Dreamy, Believe
                                          Top: Mac's Tinted Lip Conditioner in Fuschia Fix
      Lt to Rt: Illamasqua e/s in Sex, UD e/s in Heist, UD Bronzer in Toasted, UD Blush in Quickie, 
                                                               UD Pencil in Clinic
                                                      Top: NARS e/s in Outreemer
      Lt to Rt: Milani Pencil in In a Flash, CG Intense Shadow in Blue Bomb, Milani XL Bronzer #1
                           Lt to Rt: Inglot Lipstick #49, Pigment #85, Gel Liner #87, Blush #43

                   Lt to Rt: Inglot e/s- AMC Shine 16, Matte 345, Matte 372, Matte 385, Matte 331
                      Lt to Rt: Inglot e/s- Matte 347, Matte 361, Matte 362, Matte 382, AMC 50
                  Lt to Rt: Inglot e/s- Matte 346, Matte 334, Pearl 446, AMC Shine 15, AMC 51
                     Lt to Rt: Inglot e/s- Pearl 429, Matte 322,Matte 338, Matte 321, AMC 60
                  Lt to Rt: Inglot e/s- Matte 350, AMC Shine 46, Matte 347, Matte 341, DS 463
                   Lt to Rt: Inglot e/s- Matte 337, Matte 357, AMC Shine 31, Pearl 405, Pearl 404
                       Lt to Rt: Inglot e/s- Matte 335, AMC 55, AMC 52, Pearl 409, Matte 329
                     Lt to Rt: Inglot e/s- DS 460, DS 459, Matte 387, AMC Shine 36, AMC 63

                                             Jack Black Lip Balm in Grapefruit & Ginger

WHEWWWWWWWWW!!! That was alot of swatching hahaha! But that's everything...remember if you see anything here that you would like to see a review on or a tutorial with just leave a comment and I will make sure I get those videos out!


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  1. woah glad to see this haul!
    i esp love the lippies